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SIE Consultants Ltd. (SIE) is a consulting firm specializing in the cleanup of properties contaminated from leaky underground oil tanks and other deleterious substances. SIE began providing professional environmental consulting services in the fall of 2011. We pride ourselves on providing practical solutions to your bioremediation needs. Since 2011, we have completed over 300 projects on Vancouver Island and in the lower mainland of British Columbia. SIE is owned and operated by Eric Gauvin, P.Eng., a qualified environmental professional consultant with over 25 years of professional consulting experience mainly in the field of environmental assessment and remediation. As such, SIE can provide a full range of investigative and assessment services designed to identify and quantify the presence of contaminated soil, vapour, and groundwater caused by current or historic land use activities on adjacent properties or the site itself.

Technical Background

The work SIE Consultants Ltd. does is typically conducted for clients interested in the redevelopment of urban properties, for the undertaking of due diligence during the procurement or disposition of real estate, and the establishment of baseline site conditions for internal strategic planning. Where necessary, SIE can liaise with appropriate regulatory agencies and ensure proper permitting steps are addressed during the planning phases of the project. Through a standard phased approach, the site can be fully characterized in a cost-effective manner after which an appropriate mitigation strategy can be developed in consultation with the owner. This remedial activity may include removing or reducing the presence of the contaminants of concern or developing management programs, which reduce the risk of impact to the environment.

Eric Gauvin, P. Eng. has extensive experience in site clean-ups associated with leaky oil tanks and has completed over 200 oil tank removals in Victoria including site cleanups. SIE Consultants Ltd. has conducted underground storage tank (UST) removal programs, soil excavation programs, waste handling, and disposal, groundwater monitoring programs, on-site groundwater treatment prior to discharge, in-situ soil and groundwater treatment on numerous projects throughout Vancouver Island. The remediation works were conducted under specific environmental guidelines of which SIE was directly involved in liaison with local governing bodies. SIE has prepared cost estimates and/or completed the treatment and/or disposal of contaminated soil/groundwater for over 100 contaminated sites on Vancouver Island.

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Environmental Experience

SIE has substantial experience in completing Stage 1 and Stage 2 Preliminary Site Investigations (PSIs) and Detailed Site Investigations (DSIs) for a wide range of residential, commercial, and industrial properties.


Full-Service Environmental Consulting

SIE specializes in Environmental Site Assessments, Heating Oil Tank Removals and Remediation, Spill Response Services, Treatment and Discharge and Soil Management Planning.


High Quality Eco Driven

We are committed to provided professional results while maintaining the integrity of our environmental values. Located in beautiful Cowichan Valley, we believe our commitment and moral obligation plays an essential role in the improvement of our community.

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